Change of Pace
My friends, I cannot speak for anyone other than myself; that being said hopefully this can help.
Yes, I said bubbles…and what was the 1st thing YOU thought of?
Perhaps the soothing cascade of aeration provided by a hot tub Jacuzzi?
Perchance the deep soothing of a warm frothy tub full of mountainous peaks to make and remake at will?
Pray tell, could it be that bubbles elicit the slightest twitch of your inner 6-year olds lips – anxious to create yet another floating rainbow?
Bubbles are a simple joy in life we far too often deny ourselves for a variety of reasons; after all we are adults with responsibilities…no?
Bubbles, my friend are one of life’s great secrets as they symbolize prosperity, relaxation which leads to PEACE!
Bubbles can be had in secret, however be for-warned that public display of bubbling IS contagious {no mask mandate} and can reach giggle epidemic in minutes!
Bubbles can easily be concealed for emergency situations that require immediate action to be taken for the reversing “adult-itise” brain drain!
Bubbles do not require “Permission Slips”, however as a favor to us all:
I, _______________________________________________
Hereby give myself permission to…



Now you can copy & paste your way to …BUBBLES !
Remember in the day-to-day world:
We willing at times offer ourselves to the grinding machine in attempts at more “prosperity”.
We willing work dubious amounts of hours under the banner of “job security”.
Well, by now you may have figured out my reply to the previous two statements…Bubbles!!!!!!
Get up from the desk, walk around the room, go outside, walk down the hall…take 5 minutes.
You DESERVE it, your spirit and grey matter could use an imagination break with…BUBBLES!

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