Information can easily be pulled across this planet via a few electrons. Information is instantaneous, plentiful, ceaseless and constantly changing.
Knowledge, on the other hand; is BASED on a person’s willingness to pursue the OPPORTUNITIES that can lead to the “truth” they seek.
Knowledge (which takes time), when taken in a natural or gradual way (ideas, attitudes, philosophies) will lead to the ACQUISITION of that person’s sought-after truths.
Those truths inspire LEARNING at the “soul” level – knowledge once rooted within you will be engaging/engrossing/nurturing.
Knowledge can assist with the ENDURING/SUSTAINING of certain hardships certain to accompany a person’s “changing” ways.
Knowledge, as it absorbs will start the ASSISTING, ASSUMING & BEARING of that person’s transformative “bumps” as their thoughts/actions change.
As knowledge become integral part of a person’s existent whole; knowledge quickly leads that person into new patterns of success/prosperity.
Information, on the other hand; merely “flutters” around us and then is off, only to be replaced by the latest…never ceasing stream of information, relevant or not!
I challenge YOU, my friends to “invest” in some knowledge and not just gather information!

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