Love notes

“Love Notes”…the HEARTBEAT of Community
History teaches that there exist 8 types of “Love”.
We will briefly touch on utilizing 3 types of Love to help you, your family, your business AND your Community!
. Philia — Affectionate Love
The kind of love that you feel for your friends and between people who considered themselves equals.
. Philautia — Self-love
It’s necessary to be able to give and receive love from other people.
The same compassion/affection you might show to another person, you must also show that same affection and love to yourself daily!
. Storge — Familiar Love
Storge can be defined as “familiar love” – like philia, except there is are stronger bonds, kinships, and familiarity between people.
Community thrives on Storge Love mixed with a “splash” of Philia Love, however without Philautia Love the entire process is mute!
You gotta Love, forgive and accept yourselves daily, so that you can build up your Community with …
A text, email, post or call to someone you do business with, work with, LIVE with…to let them know you appreciate them and are holding “positive space” for them & theirs!
A text, email, post or call to encourage your Community; helping them ease down the precarious roads of change we and they are all facing.
In these days of uncertainty, you have the chance through “LOVE NOTES” to help build your Community.
Remember your Community supports YOU, time to support them!
Create-Great-Day…I appreciate you,

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