Performance Assurance

BHPH is about to see major growth in many market areas. As Sub Prime continues to tighten its belt, that means if you (dealer) want to roll it – you’re carrying the paper. Most dealers have a GPS company they deal with for the day-to-day stuff and to that end – kudos. GPS’s are smart business and many dealers that are putting 5k or more on the street use 2 units in the note vehicle. 

What I am here to offer to the owners of those BHPH portfolios-to-be, is the private assurance the note will perform. What if the dealer put in a 3rd GPS unit (UNKNOWN to anyone but themselves) as many dealers are doing now, when they are financing 8k+ in the note? This unit is sealed, waterproof, AND reports in twice a day for 3yrs! During the 3 years of service, there will only be 2 repossession cycles available (to maintain battery life)! Twice a day – YOU will know where every asset in your portfolio is…AUTOMATICALLY!  This 3rd, battery-powered GPS unit is your PRIVATE assurance and PEACE-OF-MIND that the note on the streets is accessible…should all else fail! No manager / salesperson / secretary / porter / mechanic will ever know YOUR 3rd unit is there. 

Drop us a line at [email protected] or call us at 832-280-8776. Our shipping department at EZ2GPS can send your Performance Assurance trackers discretely to your home or office. You can access your private interface with a smartphone or PC – 24/7/365 days of the year! 

Capitalize on the prosperous opportunities BHPH can offer – especially NOW that you can create your own Performance Assurance on every note you grow! Due to nationwide demand, shipping is at about a 14 day turn around on all prepaid orders. Grab yours before they go back on back-order!   

Create Your Great Portfolio – Assurance is the key. 

Tom Hampton 

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