To the fellow dreamers

To all fellow dreamers that continue dreaming even in the darkest of life; I salute you with all the honor my Spirit has!
Our dreams, our aspirations to make EVERYTHING we touch better drives us and fuels our very essence.
Yet out amongst us walk the dream-less; they brush against our world of possibilities and recoil as if we were poison.
They are sport hunters working in social packs carefully separating their latest “kill” from the herd!
With each kill, one more light in our dimming world is extinguished uselessly.
Dreamers take a stand, fuel your dreams until they burn bright as stars in the desert sky!
Develop your dreaming by teaching others to dream as well.
Our world is in need converts that are willing to unhook from their “created” world and start creating days completely their own.
Days fraught with failures, tears, determination, imagination, laughter, joy, satisfaction and successes.
Dreams help create better versions of YOU.
Dreams shared create a better world.
Today I have shared one of my dreams with you.
Create-A-Great-Day, dreaming often, acting frequently in faith that your continual best efforts will get you there.
Now it is time for you to share, teach, grow and EXPERIENCE your life not just mark time upon this globe!

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